Adult hospital ward
Body, Confused, Czech Republic, Fear, Lonely, Socialist
Open coffin
Belonging, Czech Republic, Friendship, Fulfilment, Funeral, Play, Socialist
Trip to grandma
Borders, Family, Lithuania, Poland, Socialist, Trains, Travel
Two funerals
Cold War, Disappointment, Family, Friendship, Funeral, Singing, Sweden
“If the war comes”
Cold War, Curiosity, Family, Fear, Secrets, Sweden
Alone in the classroom
Alone, Body, Disappointment, Romania, School, Socialist
Disobedient body
Body, Disappointment, Latvia, Postsocialist, School
The Dream of Paris
Dreams, Germany, Socialist
A Trip to East Berlin
Curiosity, Family, Germany, Socialist, Travel
Daydreaming in Soviet reality
Dreams, Latvia, Socialist
Secret Spells
Latvia, Magic, Socialist
Pink Flamingo
Latvia, Magic, Socialist
‘Her New Friend’
Friendship, Hungary, Socialist
Fairy Tales and Princesses Against Soviet Realism
Latvia, Magic, Socialist
Good-bye, Lenin!
Russia, School, Socialist