Project Conference dates October 20-21, 2021

We have recently organised a panel on carbon neutral conferencing, which served also as a good practice for our satellite conference during October 2021. This recent panel was a part of the virtual extension of the Comparative and International Education Conference scheduled to take place in Miami in March 2020. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the whole conference, including keynote sessions, special meetings, and more than 200 panel presentations, have been transformed to vCIES, an online conference. Two people from our project had a major role in this experiment, Iveta Silova served as vCIES Program Chair and Zsuzsa Millei as Co-chair of the virtual conference.

The panel, Academic Conferences during Climate Crisis: Agora on Carbon Free and More Equal Conferencing, has brought together the CIES community to re-examine how we conceive and value academic conferences, and to rethink – and recreate – academic engagements during climate emergency that requires immediate action. During this panel, the aim was to interrogate ways in which an experimental modality of carbon zero conferencing could help us to both question the prevailing academic (infra)structures, epistemologies, valuation systems, and communications patterns, while enabling us to envision and engage in academic work differently.

We have learned tremendous know-how during this event which will surely benefit our project conference.

Watch the recording of the Agora session .