EAST is coming to Tampere Finland!!! We are thrilled to host Dollardaddy‘s Theatre company in the Workers Theatre on the 28-29th of October, 2021. Tickets can be bought on the website.

September 22-23, 2020
41 Liliom Street, Budapest 1094, Hungary
For tickets and more information, please click here
The performance is accompanied by a visiting exhibition titled Kaleidoscope of Childhoods.

The purpose of the bedtime story broadcast is to close up the activities of the day and prepare the soul for the nighttime rest. Thus the bedtime story needs to be poetic, not adventurous. It should not contain a complex narrative or deeply troubling motives. Let there be a teasing attraction but at the same time it has to support peaceful sleeping thus can not be too stimulating. And besides all the most important function is to steer the taste and the socialist education of the viewer to the right direction. We are travelling East with the show tonight. Enjoy it and do not forget: there is no sun without Sugár*! (*meaning Sunbeam, which was the name of a socialist shopping center).


The performance is realized in the frame of Tampere University’s project Re-Connect / Re-Collect – Crossing the Divides through Memories of Cold War Childhood, inspired by the collected memories. This international and interdisciplinary research analyzes memories of diverse childhood experiences from post socialist and Cold War countries; and tries to build bridges between academic research and arts through the representations of these personal stories. It aims to establish dialogues among people divided by multiple borders – geopolitical, economic, generational and cultural – and which borders, albeit in a different form, are still there today. 

Rehearsal August 2020


From behind the scenes (February 2020)

Our collaborators, the Dollardaddy Theatre Group from Budapest, Hungary, are working on a theatre play inspired by the memory stories collected in our ongoing Recollect/Reconnect project. The play will open in Hungary at Trafo Theatre on Budapest on the 22nd of September 2020 together with a small exhibition . The play will travel to Tampere Workers Theatre to be performed between 10-12th of February 2021. At the same time a large exhibition in the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas will open and will be on display until October 2021. The play will be performed last at the Comparative and International Society’s conference in Seattle on the 25th of April 2021. It will then be transformed into a TV drama and recorded for open access view.

February 2020, our advisory board and Dollardaddy Theatre company warms up for the play’s character creation from memory stories of childhood we have collected as part of the Recollect / Reconnect project. (From left: Tamás Ördög, Susanne Gannon, Ioana Tistea, Emőke Kiss-Végh, Nelli Piattoeva, Iveta Silova, Bence Biró and Stefanie Weiss