Alone, Animals, China, Dreams, Secrets, Toys, Wonder
Dreams, Friends, Play, Secrets, USA, Wonder
Listening to sleep sounds
Alone, Brazil, Dreams, Secrets, Wonder
The doll and the toxic train
Fear, Poland, Toys
An encounter, in the wild
Animals, Dreams, Nature, USA, Wonder
Honey mushroom
Family, Food, Nature, Poland
Family, Japan, Nature, Wonder, 記憶
Food, Japan, Media, 記憶
Traveling stones
Family, Japan, Nature, Play
Seven gods in a rice grain
Food, Japan, Nature
“The last one turns off the lights”
Borders, Germany, State ideology, Wonder
My process of remembering
Family, Gender, State ideology, Yugoslavia
Celebrating Easter secretly
Family, Georgia, Holiday, School, State ideology, Wonder
My Soviet Childhood
Family, Food, Georgia, Race, State ideology, Wonder
Learning reading and mapping
Family, Home, Soviet Union, Wonder
Gdynia September 1977
Clothes, Poland, School
How was it to be small?
Body, Play, Sweden
Material culture
Borders, Clothes, Desire, Media, Poland, Sport, USA, Wonder
Living in a house and starting school early
Home, School, Ukraine
Growing up on ‘this side’
Borders, USA, Wonder
Cutting her hair
Alone, Body, Family, Hungary, School
Hungary, Institutions, Public events, School, State ideology
Vasárnap a tó mellett
Emlékek magyarul, Family, Food, Happiness, Nature
A lyukas hajó
Emlékek magyarul, Friends, Nature
Nyári munka tábor
Emlékek magyarul, Friends, Happiness
Télikabát a mamának
Emlékek magyarul, Social upheaval, Wonder
Soha ne add fel
Emlékek magyarul, Family, Holiday
Emlékek magyarul, Labor, Nature
A disco volt a legjobb!
Emlékek magyarul, Friends, Happiness, Media
Sunday by the lake
Family, Food, Happiness, Hungary, Nature
The leaky boat
Friends, Hungary, Nature
Work camp
Friends, Happiness, Hungary
The winter coat from grandma
Hungary, Social upheaval, Wonder
Never give up
Family, Holiday, Hungary
Team building
Hungary, Labor, Nature
The disco was the best!
Friends, Happiness, Hungary, Media
‘All you need is love’?
Borders, Czechoslovakia, Germany
Friends, Romania, School, Wonder
Under the table in her own world
Azerbaijan, Furniture, Play
Das geheime Radio
Borders, Erinnerungen auf Deutsch, Happiness, Media
Kiscsibék a szövetkezetben
Animals, Emlékek magyarul, Family
Nyár egy bútorgyárban
Emlékek magyarul, Furniture, Holiday, Institutions
Social unrest
Chile, Social upheaval, State ideology
Revolution and childhood
Class, Play, Romania, Social upheaval
Learning how to write
Family, Happiness, Home, Play, Romania
“Walking shopper”
Azerbaijan, Clothes, Family, Soviet Union, Travel
Gorbachev’s visit to Oulu
Borders, Finland, Public events, Soviet Union
Body, Family, School, Serbia, Wonder
Intergenerational changes
Borders, School, Serbia, State ideology, Wonder
Body, Fear, Institutions, Serbia, State ideology
Sting cassette
Finland, Friends, Media, Soviet Union, Travel, USA
“Doomsday Clock”
Borders, Family, Fear, USA
Searching for childhood gummi bears
Food, Germany, Happiness
Street photographers
Clothes, Georgia, Media, Public events
Argentina, Family, Independence, Mexico, Social upheaval
ვაშლის კრეფა- საკუთარი თავის დამტკიცების გზა
Family, Independence, Labor, Nature, მოგონებები ქართულად
Big prize
Borders, Slovakia, Toys, Travel
On the same side?
Borders, Bulgaria, Nationality, Poland, Romania, Travel
One common language
Borders, Class, Friends, Georgia, Germany, Happiness, Media, Travel
Perspectiva căpitanului
Amintiri în română, Family, Nature, Travel
Soviet feminism?
Gender, Georgia, Independence, School
Forbidden buttons
Borders, Desire, Germany, Media
Divided games
Borders, Germany, Play
Miss Autumn
Alone, Poland, School
New school
Clothes, Czechoslovakia, Difference, School, Youth organization
Outside great, inside rotten
Czechoslovakia, Public events, Wonder
Being Polish and thinking about other places
Borders, Fear, Media, Nationality, Poland, Travel
Her favourite Szarik trousers
Borders, Clothes, Media, Play, Poland, State ideology
Body, Clothes, Gender, Play, Poland
‘White sports’
Class, Hungary, School, Sport
Alone, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Transportation, Travel
Borders, Emlékek magyarul, Nationality, State ideology, Travel
Watercolor nail polish
Desire, Family, Gender, Hungary, Play
Orthodox Peace Fellowship
Borders, Institutions, Religion, State ideology, USA
Mariel boat-lift
Borders, Institutions, Labor, USA
Media, State ideology, USA
Travel in Post-Soviet Era
Kazakhstan, Travel, USA
War and Anti-War
Czechoslovakia, Institutions, Social upheaval, State ideology, USA
Travel and mapping
Borders, Difference, Social upheaval, State ideology, Travel, USA
Borders, Media, State ideology, USA
The Nuclear Threat
Family, Fear, Home, Social upheaval, USA
Love of books
Difference, Home, Media, State ideology, USA, Wonder
Treasures in the Cupboard
Accessories, Armenia, Desire, School, Wonder
Fragmented recollections
Alone, Borders, Ethnicity, Family, Kyrgyzstan, School, Secrets
Noisy classroom
Clothes, Fear, Gender, Kyrgyzstan, School
Alone, Difference, Fear, Kyrgyzstan, School
First communion
Clothes, Difference, Gender, Play, Poland
A train journey to Bulgaria
Borders, Czechoslovakia, Fear, Holiday, Poland, Travel
Poranna krew
Body, Gender, Secrets, Wspomnienia po polsku
Розовая коробочка конфет
Community, Desire, Food, Kazakhstan, Secrets, воспоминания на русском языке
A daily journey
Animals, Friends, Romania, School
The divide from below
Borders, Fear, Germany, Independence, Transportation, Wonder
A punk in the club, a civilian at school
Borders, Community, Ethnicity, Media, Slovenia
Selena’s radio waves
Borders, Media, Slovenia, State ideology, UK
Elephant Eduard
Hungary, Play, Toys
What happened to Lenin in Razliw?
Play, School, Ukraine
Ice-cream in Trieste/Palmanova/Graz
Borders, Croatia, Food
Body, Holiday, Hungary, Nature, Sexuality
Candy wraps are not money
Alone, Independence, Kyrgyzstan, School, Secrets
Summer in a furniture factory
Class, Family, Furniture, Hungary, Institutions
Chicks in the cooperative
Animals, Hungary, Wonder
Picking apples
Family, Georgia, Independence, Labor, Nature
Picking tomatoes, “it should be fun!”
Family, Friends, Georgia, Labor, Play
Animals, Family, Friends, Georgia, Holiday, Nature
Moving with the crowd
Fear, Happiness, Hungary, Public events, School
Lucky nylons
Class, Clothes, Desire, Latvia, Secrets
Learning to weed: Oma’s story
Family, Labor, Latvia, Nature
Blueberries and lingonberries
Finland, Labor, Nature, Sweden
Working on grandma’s farm
Family, Finland, Labor, Nature
Death Valley, 1990
Desire, Intimacy, Travel, USA
Gloria, 1985
Family, Home, Nature, USA
A mother’s dream
Family, Happiness, Home, Romania, School
Going home
Borders, Hungary, Nationality, State ideology, Travel
Carol Park
Bulgaria, Clothes, Ethnicity, Romania, Toys
(Dlhá) cesta
Family, Nature, Spomienky v slovenčine, Travel
First escape from school
Community, Georgia, Happiness, Independence, Play
Exploring national identity
Borders, Ethnicity, Georgia, Ossetia, School
Alone, Family, Fear, Nature, Yugoslavia
29 November
Public events, School, State ideology, Wonder, Yugoslavia
Reading the prayer
Alone, Borders, Croatia, Fear, Institutions, Religion
Not going to faint
Hungary, Public events, School, State ideology
English songs
Desire, Holiday, Hungary, Media
Safe in the classroom
Germany, Happiness, School, Transportation
Poisoned candies
Difference, Public events, Soviet Union, State ideology, Travel
The playground.
Body, Friends, Media, Play, Romania
‘Dvor’/ ‘Hood’ parties
Clothes, Community, Ethnicity, Gender, Kazakhstan, Media
Borders, Class, Desire, Finland, Russia
Watercolor set
Alone, Nature, Play, Serbia
Life cycle
Animals, Finland, Friends, Nature, Wonder
My Little Pony
Finland, Happiness, Toys
Summer in Tashkent
Community, Food, Travel, USA, Uzbekistan, Youth organization
Horse club
Alone, Desire, Play, School, USA
Visiting the Fallout Shelter
Borders, Friends, USA, Wonder
Christmas with his first guitar
Family, Happiness, Holiday, Media, USA
Desire, Family, Media, Romania, State ideology
Viajes imaginarios
Chile, Home, Recuerdos en español, Secrets, Social upheaval
Sentirse en casa/salir a navegar
Argentina, Home, Play, Recuerdos en español, State ideology
Feeling at home/Sailing away
Argentina, Home, Play, State ideology
Programa de radio
Argentina, Family, Media, Play, Recuerdos en español
Body, Hungary, Institutions, Sport
Emlékek magyarul, Family, Labor, Nature
Grape harvest
Family, Hungary, Labor, Nature
Borders, Clothes, Desire, Wonder, воспоминания на русском языке
Class, Clothes, Desire, Russia, Wonder
Borders, Family, Religion, Vzpomínky v češtině
Borders, Czechoslovakia, Family, Religion
Hе умру. Первые месячные
Body, Fear, Latvia, воспоминания на русском языке
Her shoes
Croatia, Family, Fear, Social upheaval, Wonder
Smearing the Portrait
Class, Gender, Play, Romania, School, Social upheaval
Playing football
Difference, Friends, Play, Romania, Social upheaval
The ultimate Moscow solo
Alone, Home, Media, Russia, Social upheaval
Vaza chinezească
Alone, Amintiri în română, Home, Race, Wonder
Emlékek magyarul, Labor, Nature, Transportation
Cherry picking
Hungary, Labor, Nature, Transportation
Ko darīt ar gurķiem?
Atmiņas latviešu valodā, Labor, Nature, Wonder
Off from school to harvest cucumbers!
Labor, Latvia, Nature, Wonder
Desire, Food, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, воспоминания на русском языке
Body, Clothes, Institutions, Wspomnienia po polsku
Underground shop
Class, Institutions, Media, Poland
A letter from Florida
Borders, Poland, USA
Friends, Hungary, Independence, Secrets
Body, Difference, Fear, Gender, Georgia, Institutions
Game boy
Family, Hungary, Secrets, Toys
Friends, Hungary, Nature, Secrets, Wonder
All over the world
Australia, Play, School, Wonder
Australia, Play, Youth organization
Not crossing the line
Desire, Gender, Russia, School, Sexuality
Alone at the train station
Alone, Fear, Germany, Transportation
Going home
Borders, Germany, Travel
A child left alone
Alone, Difference, Fear, Slovenia, State ideology
Spending time with grannies
Clothes, Family, Food, Georgia, Transportation
Church donation box
Gender, Georgia, Institutions, Religion
Pink sweets
Class, Desire, Food, Germany
My first trip abroad
Borders, Bulgaria, Russia, Soviet Union, Transportation, Travel
A summer camp
France, Nationality, Romania, Travel
Back and forth
Ethnicity, Gender, Germany, Mexico, Travel
Learning the way to kindergarten
Family, Germany, Mexico, School
Breakfast across borders
Borders, Family, Food, Germany, Mexico
Blackberry picking
Azerbaijan, Borders, Family, Nature
Community, Happiness, Media, Yugoslavia
The marketplace
Class, Community, Food, Labor, Yugoslavia
Between worlds
Ethnicity, Family, Germany, School, Turkey
Pioneer camp without pioneers
Community, Holiday, Russia, Youth organization
Rua Liga dos Comunistas
Community, Labor, Mozambique, Public events, Race, Social upheaval
Catalogue of the outside world
Armenia, Desire, France, Race
Class, Family, Nature, Poland
Colorado beetles
Animals, Borders, Labor, Ukraine
Water lilies
Animals, Holiday, Nature, Ukraine
Girl’s flower nails
Body, Gender, Russia, Transportation
Him and grandma
Class, Family, Food, Georgia
Travelling teapot
Food, Kazakhstan, Travel, UK
Grandpa’s Red Lada
Borders, Class, Clothes, Croatia, Independence
Family, Georgia, Secrets, State ideology
Family, Fear, Georgia
The boy with ginger hair
Body, Gender, Georgia, Sexuality
Gray zipper boots
Borders, Clothes, Hungary, Yugoslavia
Her military boots
Clothes, Gender, School, Serbia
Pink shoes
Brazil, Clothes, Gender
Tempting strawberries
Desire, Food, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Secrets
China vase
Alone, Home, Race, Romania, Wonder
Birthday Chocolate
Community, Desire, Food, Kazakhstan, Secrets
Sneaking out
Family, Friends, Happiness, Hungary, Secrets
The jacket
Clothes, Germany, Travel
Radio talk
Argentina, Family, Media, Play
Going to grandma
Borders, Family, Romania, Travel
A (long) journey
Family, Nature, Slovakia, Travel
Food, Germany, Public events
The Secret
Friends, Romania, Secrets, Wonder
Going to the Delta
Family, Nature, Romania, Travel
Smuggling jewellery
Accessories, Animals, Borders, Family, Latvia, Soviet Union, USA
Memory of ghost stations
Borders, Friends, Germany, Independence
Sleepy smuggles
Borders, Family, Germany, Travel
Her aunt
Croatia, Desire, Family, Gender
Unwanted kiss
Poland, Public events, School
Dacha fashion
Family, Friends, Play, Russia
Not going to die. Period.
Body, Fear, Latvia
Blood on the sheet
Body, Gender, Poland, Secrets
Blood on the pants
Body, Clothes, Fear, Hungary
Hungary, Romania, Travel
The boy and the cat
Friends, Hungary, Play
Mysterious kiss
Furniture, Intimacy, Poland, Wonder
Hungarian furniture
Family, Furniture, Ossetia, Soviet Union, Transportation
Hungarian bed
Azerbaijan, Family, Furniture, Gender
Uneventful event
Public events, School, Soviet Union, Ukraine
Turning moment
Community, Public events, Sport, USA, Youth organization
Gymnast in training camp
Alone, Nature, Romania, Sport, Youth organization
Moultonborough Central School, 1983
Class, School, State ideology, USA
The boy and the body
Body, Family, Gender, Hungary
“No physical activity for a year”
Body, Clothes, Institutions, Poland, Sport
Dance competition
Community, Poland, Public events
Afternoon nap
Furniture, Home, Hungary, Nature
Playing hide and seek
Body, Hungary, Play
Removing her tonsils
Body, Germany, Institutions
Interrupting childhood
Body, Germany, School, Sport, Wonder
Only God protected her
Alone, Body, Gender, Poland
Sliding down frozen steps
Body, Fear, Play, Poland
Seeing through others’ eyes
Body, Romania, School
Naked at the beach
Body, Intimacy, Nature, Race, Romania
The tennis player
Body, Czechoslovakia, Desire, Gender
Secret radio
Borders, Germany, Happiness, Media, Secrets
In October it’s their birthday
Accessories, Class, Clothes, Gender, Romania
Falling toys
Class, Gender, Media, Romania, Toys
Brazil, Desire, Home, Toys
The yellow case
Brazil, Family, Gender, Toys
Handkerchiefs back then
Borders, Family, Latvia, Soviet Union, Wonder
Tom and Jerry
Chile, Family, Fear, Home
Travel to the Moon
Chile, Desire, School, Social upheaval, Travel
Adult hospital ward
Body, Czechoslovakia, Fear, Institutions
Open coffin
Czechoslovakia, Friends, Happiness, Play
Trip to grandma
Family, Food, Lithuania, Poland, Travel
Two funerals
Family, Friends, Institutions, Sweden
“If the war comes”
Borders, Family, Fear, Sweden
The “secret” naked body
Body, Romania, Secrets, Sexuality, Wonder
Alone in the classroom
Alone, Body, Romania, School
Disobedient body
Body, Latvia, School
The Dream of Paris
Borders, Desire, Germany, Home
A Trip to East Berlin
Family, Germany, Travel, Wonder
Daydreaming in Soviet reality
Latvia, School, Soviet Union, Wonder
Secret Spells
Body, Latvia, Nature, Secrets
Pink Flamingo
Animals, Community, Latvia, Soviet Union
‘Her New Friend’
Chile, Friends, Hungary, Race
Fairy Tales and Princesses Against Soviet Realism
Family, Latvia, Media, Soviet Union
Good-bye, Lenin!
Family, Russia, School, Social upheaval, Soviet Union