A summer camp

She graduated secondary school with the highest grade and got into the best ranking high school in Constanța. That summer of 2004 her parents sent her on a summer camp to France, as a reward for her hard work. The summer camp was organised for young students from European countries with a majority of Romance language speakers. The attendants came from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Romania, and France. One day, in groups of 2-3 kids, they engaged in all-day activities with families from a few villages near the town of Amiens. Together with a Portuguese girl, she went with a married couple, in their fifties or sixties. They drove the girls to their house and set the table in the backyard for them to have dinner. The chairs the husband brought from the garden were rather dirty. He cleaned the Portuguese girl’s chair, then placed the cloth on her chair, and obstinately directed his look first at her, then at the chair, as if to say, here are the instructions, you will do this yourself, do not expect me to do this for you.