Alone at the train station

She was abandoned at the Erfurt train station and was full of fear. A lot of people were around her, but there was no trace of her grandma, her sister, or her uncle. Actually, she was supposed to wait on the platform together with her uncle and two huge bags. That is what her grandma told them. However, her uncle also wanted to help and jumped on the train with one suitcase to look for seats. They needed four seats since they had no reservation. She did not want him to leave but he told her that she is already a big child, and he will be back in a second. Now she stood there with a big piece of luggage, and in the loudspeakers, she heard that the train should be boarded soon. She panicked, and a lot of thoughts whirled around in her brain. There were so many people on the train, and everything was crowded. What would happen if they cannot get out in time to get her? They would not forget about her, after all? What if the train leaves without her? How would she get home? What is she doing now? The fear came over her, and she screamed from the bottom of her heart for her uncle. She cried and screamed and wondered if she should jump on the train, but what would become of the suitcase? She felt the responsibility to look out for the baggage, but she couldn’t lift it. She could climb into the train on her own. She had done it alone before even though the metal stairs were huge. So she kept screaming. Her uncle could not hear very well, so he did not react to her screaming. Luckily her grandmother recognized her voice and finally came to her after what felt like an eternity. Her sister had to keep occupying the two seats they had already found and stayed in the wagon. Now her sister was alone. When her grandmother finally arrived, she was so relieved. Just then, her uncle came to get her because he had found four places. Grandma was extremely angry with him. How could he leave a little girl standing alone on a platform like that? Now the little girl knew that it was not her mistake that she did not feel up to the task. It took her quite a while to calm down. But she didn't want to stay alone anymore, and she always went with an adult during the following trips.