Blueberries and lingonberries

In the summers, Anne's family left their home in the city of Luleå, north of Sweden to go to her mother’s new husband's parents’ home in what seemed to be a remote place in the north of Finland. She felt that it was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest and gravelled roads. The dense forest with its fir and pine trees made her feel isolated, trapped, and as if it was going to eat her up. Now and then, her mother forced her and her sibling to go into the forest to pick blueberries and lingonberries. They had to do it by hand and with the blueberries, her hands and legs got all blue and sticky, and it was hard to wash it off. The sticky thing from the blueberry was not even good to lick from the fingers. Picking berries in the forest was scary. It was as if the dense forest never ended and she was always afraid of getting lost and never found. She had heard stories about that, people getting lost and never found. That scared her. She always felt a huge relief when she got out of the forest, back to the road and into the yard of the house.