The girl was sitting in the classroom. The teacher was at the blackboard writing something. She had a very pitchy voice and she was very short. She kept talking and talking, but the talk did not make any sense to the girl. The girl was bored and did not understand what the teacher was talking about. The classroom was bright and sunny, but very boring. So the girl suddenly shouted, just screamed. She just filled up her lungs with air and screamed. Was it boredom or desperation? The girl did not know. The girl just felt this was not her natural environment. This situation was putting her into some frames and she was never in frames and she was free before.

The teacher stopped, turned around, and asked who screamed. There was silence in the room. The girl was now alert, being scared that the teacher would punish her. The girl was feeling nervous that the boy sitting next to her would point his finger at her. But luckily the boy did not report on her. The girl felt cautious; she was afraid, but she did not know what she was afraid of. Being at school made her feel unimportant and small, whereas at home her granny used to call her every two minutes and ask her to fetch something from inside the house or from the garden. Sad, bored, restricted - the girl tried hard to make sense of things on the board, but those were just scribbles. The teacher started walking closer and closer to her desk and the girl was terrified. The girl started focusing on the blackboard and started drawing/copying what was there. The teacher approached and the girl’s skin was sensitive, she felt that if the teacher was going to touch her, she would feel terrible pain. Luckily the teacher did not touch her and just passed though the desks.