Chicks in the cooperative

She arrives with her dad at the agricultural cooperative he directs. They are approaching a huge barn door. This is an extraordinary day since her dad has never taken her to his work before. For that matter, she doesn’t remember her dad taking her anywhere without mom also being present. Something foul-smelling reaches her nostrils. Chirping becomes louder as the door opens. The smell is intense. She almost takes a step back. The warm stuffy air envelops her face as she walks carefully among a million of small chicks. The chicks are peeping faster as they scurry to avoid her feet stamping on them. She bends down, then squats, and tries to touch their back, to feel the soft yellow feathers. They are trying to escape but the space is so crowded that they have little chance. She feels their little bodies pulsating. She notices some adults in one corner. A woman in a white coat is catching and handing over the chicks to a man with a syringe in his hand. The man handles them one by one giving them an injection. The girl turns to her dad wondering what is happening. He explains that they need the injection to stay healthy and grow fast. The woman asks the girl if she wants to help, and she does. The girl lifts carefully the tiny chick body. After injections, the chicks are thrown to a walled off area. The girl looks in, the chicks seem to be fine. She tries to catch another one but she lets it go. She feels suffocated by the pungent smell and lack of air. She wants to run out of the barn but she is kept hostage by the chicks’ little bodies. She squats down and tries to get over her weakness, then her father notices her and leads the girl out of the barn.