He didn’t have many friends, neither did his mother. They loved each other and he thought they were telling everything to each other. He was 8 years old, his mother was upset and sad. She started talking about how unhappy she was, how she had to live this life, how there was no other way for her to live. She was beaten by her husband very often, she didn’t know where or how to run, what to do with her children. She tried many times, but it was impossible. She was telling the stories to her friends and neighbors. Nobody believed her. Nobody cared. So she stopped. She only started sharing her thoughts and problems to her daughter and son who believed, trusted and loved her.

When the boy was eleven they changed house. There were always problems and tensions, so everybody was nervous. His father and mother started arguing and shouting. The boy felt the situation was escalating and that his father was actually planning to use physical violence. So he grabbed a long iron for constructions and stood in front of them shouting and willing to hit his father as strong as he could if he didn’t stop. The father stopped. The boy understood that he became the mother for his mother who had to protect her. So he did. He remembers the fear and daze in his father’s eyes. He doesn’t know if he was actually scared or if he understood that he was doing harm to many things.

Mother made an army from her children who would always protect her. She was smart. So the father never dared to touch her again. They all knew who has the real power – the children to whom mother gave good education and a sense of love that was hard to compete with.