Dance competition

It is a small town, not too far from her hometown, but the event they are to attend is big, big in size and the status - the Polish National Championships in Disco, RAP, HIP-HOP dance. She is 11 or 12 and it is probably the second or third time her dance group is participating. There are a lot of dancers and a lot of different categories. She will dance in a RAP group, as well as in the RAP duo category. 

She and her friend worked hard together with their choreographer to prepare the routine. The choreographer came up with the storyline. They are dressed as workers, wearing oversized dark blue overalls, one of them is carrying a toolbox, a real one, and the dance is to be their break perhaps. One of the biggest hits of the time – a song from an American RAP duo KRISS KROSS - carries their routine. Although she heard the song hundred times, she cannot make much sense of the lyrics in English, beyond the reoccurring, uplifting, energetic ‘jump, jump’. 

They warm up well, reviewing the most tricky elements until the very moment of going onto the dancefloor, which is surrounded by other dancers sitting or standing, cheering and clapping. They are nervous, but when their music goes off, nothing exists anymore, all attention goes into the performance. All she needs to do now is to go through the routine and have fun. The music she heard so many times now lifts their jumps up higher than ever. All goes very well. One more jump and semi split. It comes too hard, not controlled enough, for a moment she feels she won’t be able to get up. She finishes the routine though, with a slightly unsure support from the right leg. It went well. The pulled groin muscle makes it difficult to walk, but it does not matter now. Now it is time to enjoy the rest of the performances and wait until the results are announced. They join the other dancers in watching other performances, cheering for others, and forget it is a competition. Until it is time to hear the results. Six duos took part in the final. 6th place…, 5th place … 4th place… they are already thrilled, as they have not heard their names yet.  3rd place… 2nd place… , still not their names announced, this cannot be true. They run onto the dance floor, still in disbelief. She is so taken aback that she does not even realize what is presented to them as a first prize. It is a big, quite heavy box, but a bit difficult to carry. It is a box of Arcoroc dishes - a set of brown smoked glass dinnerware consisting of 6 flat plates, 6 deep plates, 6 small plates, and some other dishes. How is she going to take it home on the bus, especially that they also have the tool box - the prop from their dance. There is a picture of the dishes on the side of the box, they look quite cool - very different from the white or brown heavy ceramic ones they have at home.