She had started her first grade in a small town in Western Bosnia and she loved everything about the school there. She adored her teacher, was always paying attention during the classes, and did her homework with excitement. You could say she was a real nerd.  But she didn't finish her first grade because the war broke out and her family didn't have a choice but to leave everything behind. That was in summer of 1995. They stopped attending the school somewhere in spring and soon after their town started hosting soldiers so their house was full of men in uniforms for some time. Her mother, sister, and her were moving frequently from one one place to another before finally reaching Belgrade (Serbia) where some of her relatives lived. Her father joined them soon after (he was either hiding from the military or was forced to participate in the war and barely escaped at the end of the war just because he pretended to be a crazy person). This sudden change took a toll on her. Surprisingly, she can't recall how she cried and begged her mother to find her teacher because she missed her so much (later on her mother told her this, it seems that she completely erased this emotional trauma). However, she remembers that she developed a serious case of OCD (she would wave her hands in front of her face and counted in series of three, and similar weird stuff) and occasionally wetted her bed. Her parents even took her to the doctor and he advised her parents not to pay attention to what she was doing. Fortunately, these symptoms disappeared two years after. And at that time a new school didn't bring any excitement and her grades suffered too. Suddenly they became a poor refugee family that had to live in very poor conditions. Once having a normal spacious house, they ended up in strange basements and garages that were affordable but far away from a decent housing environment. And she just couldn't understand what happened. This was an example of how she lost control over her body and probably mind because she couldn't cope with such a huge change. But even societies experiencing such radical changes behave in the same way, exhibiting a lot of weird side effects. Such radical transformations require some time to recover and accept new ways. And this was just the beginning of serious societal, political, and economic transformations in Serbia and some neighboring countries that she would experience personally and observe closely.