Him and grandma

A seven year old boy stands with his grandmother and they are selling some berries in the street of a small town. It’s not the first time when they go to the forest to collect mushrooms, berries, nuts and sell them afterwards.

The boy feels like it’s normal to help the poor family in that way until his classmates appear and start laughing about what the boy was doing. Grandma wasn’t there to protect him and he felt shy. Is there anything shameful in what he was doing? When grandma returned, the boy asked about it. Grandma explained that there is nothing to feel ashamed of. If the boy does not want to be concerned about what other children think, then act and be responsible like an adult, that’s the best way to do it. Then he doesn’t have to pay attention.

The boy decided that it was the end of his childhood and the time for adulthood has come. After that they were collecting and selling fruit like before.