In October it’s their birthday

Eight years since their moms got to know each other

In the maternity

So they've been friends since they were born.

Now it’s their 8th birthday and it’s Ioana’s.

The other girl will celebrate in just 3 more days.

All the girls gathered at Ioana’s place,

Their parents dressed them “elegantly”

In the school uniform.

They weren’t happy about that.

It was just a white shirt and blue skirt,

But it confused them why the need to be so…

Elegant among themselves.

Yet, they were used to the idea

To get dressed

For special occasions.

Even if the special occasion, the birthday, was just at home.

A bit confusing, but they accepted this dressing up without fuss.

Only Irina was wearing a yellow T-shirt

She stuck out among them

The girl whose mum was a stewardess,

The girl raised by her grandparents

The girl who’d eat bananas at all meals.

The 4 little girls decided to put on makeup.

Ioana and Cristina had all kind of nice things

Shiny things, nice smelling things, pink things

Things you only saw on Cartoon Network, never in a shop.

Their aunt would send them from France.

She had left just before the Revolution

She would send all kinds of toys and clothes and useful stuff.

Like Pampers.

When the girls were babies it was difficult to find Pampers in Romania.

Mariana the aunt would get them from social shops or from aids for poor people.

Cool clothes, dolls, Polly Pockets…everything smelled so incredibly nice.

Like candies, like cuteness

Like sugar, spice and everything nice.

So they also had children’s makeup that Mariana the aunt had sent.

The 4 little girls went all together in the bathroom.

Without any plan in advance. Spontaneous

They all used the green-blue palette.

They were just spontaneously painting their faces

And as that make up covered more and more of their faces,

The more satisfied they were

As if they had discovered something

As if they had done something forbidden

As if they were innovative and daring.

They put on crowns or Mickey’s ears.

They paraded and showed the parents

Photos were taken to never let it go.

Their blue faces looked a bit sinister

But what does that matter in front of the fun they had?