They fill out personality quizzes, surprised by the results, thinking about who or how they are as individuals and talking about boys. The girl’s friend has a boyfriend and she often sneaks out and sleeps at his place. He is an older man in his early twenties living with his mother. He also plays in a band. The band members often hang out together. One weekend evening during the winter, the girls decide to sneak out to be with the boys. The entrance door to the girl’s apartment makes a noise when opening. So they decide to sleep at the friend’s place. They wait for the parents to fall asleep and then they quietly sneak out. They go up to one of the boy’s apartments. They want to eat or drink but the man doesn’t have anything at home. They end up drinking tea with jam. The girl is surprised that they do not have anything to drink or eat at home. Is that what independence comes with? It feels good that the girl lives at home. They decide to go out to the main street. It has a slope and the snow is nice and new. They bring the sleigh and slide down, not worried about cars. It is very quiet. Well passed the midnight. They stay out for a while. The girls return home a few hours after midnight. They go to sleep knowing that in a few hours they must be up and pretend that they have had a good night's sleep. The day goes slow, they need to be present and fill in their usual place in the family.