Living in a house and starting school early

I was born in 1980 in a big city of Kharkiv. My parents lived with my grandparents in a private house. It was a huge neighborhood comprised of the private households. It was separated by a road from Soviet style apartment blocks. My family had a small apple tree garden and we had few dogs and cats. It was in sharp contrast to the kids in my primary school who almost all lived in apartments. These many-story buildings were often called by kids just “the houses”. My kindergarten was situated in these “houses”, so I had to pass through them on my way there. They all looked the same for me and I just counted how many of them I had to go through. I left my kindergarten when I was six years old. My granny had a talk with a grandmother of my group mate who entered an elementary school and she decided that it was a good idea to send me to a primary school too. For me there was no difference because the first grade at this primary school had the same program as the last grade of my kindergarten. In 1986, it was an educational innovation to start going to school at age of six. Usually a child was seven years old to do it.