Not going to faint

She felt the sun on her head. The principal was talking. Her voice was floating in the background of her thoughts. She was aware of it but never listened. She never paid attention to speeches. She learned to switch off quite quickly when they talked about things that did not matter to her, especially when empty party blabbing was on. She was thinking about the summer. Soon this is over and she is free for the whole summer. The heat of the sun on her face, white shirt, pioneer scarf and blue skirt felt hotter and hotter. She was sweating. They called for the prize winners. All 16 classes of the primary school had a few prize winners who were called up now one by one to receive a book and a certificate. She felt weak, hot, sweaty. Even the expectation that she might win something did not take away the feeling in her head, the world started to disappear around her. Suddenly the teacher appeared next to her and touched her back saying: ‘It is over soon, stand just a bit more’. The girl pulled herself together. She cannot faint like that girl in the line behind her. She is strong, she can stand. Children can stand for two hours, as the teachers always said.