The boy was around six. His cousin was around four. They were really good friends. They did everything together. It was summer and this boy and this little girl went on vacation at lake Balaton. Again. They were by their grandparents' house. There weren’t many cars on the streets so the kids could walk around on their own all day. They could do whatever they wanted. On the corner of the street of their grandparents’ home was a little brown wooden house. It was very small and very old, and very brown. It was some kind of vegetable and fruit shop. But nobody could go in. You had to ask what you wanted from the old lady, with short hair and a huge body. The kids knew her. They saw her every day on their way to swim in the lake. The family knew her too. One day the kids figured out something new. They had a huge wish inside of them. A deep pressure. They had to steal something. And they loved peaches and the old lady had the most beautiful peaches on earth. The peaches were also best positioned to steal. Just on the edge of the huge table. The children moved closer and closer. The old lady was speaking with an adult. And in the best moment they stole the most beautiful peach. They started to run and ran far away. It was hot, they hid themselves under a tree and ate the fruit. It was delicious. It was impossible to say who had the idea first or who stole the peach. The boy? Or the girl? Anyway, they were so happy. It was a victory. They knew it was forbidden. And that was the reason for their happiness. But suddenly a new and unwanted emotion appeared and became bigger and bigger. Guilt. They knew it. It was a sin and they must tell the family. But it was not easy. They had to take their time. How long did it take? It’s also impossible to say. But they told the family. The family were not angry or mad. And it was strange for the kids. And the boy’s mother had an idea. The kids had to tell the lady the truth on their own. Alone without the parents. It was a terrible feeling for the kids. They didn’t want to do that. It would ruin their whole pleasure and adventure with the peach. The mother gave them money to pay for the stolen peach and let the kids go alone to the old lady. And they went and told her. Maybe the boy was speaking, not sure. It was hard to talk. He felt ashamed. But the lady was not angry at all. And she didn’t accept the money. It was a gift, she told them. And the kids were left wondering.