Ah, getting periods, truly an important moment in a woman's life. When she was in fourth grade, her class went to an annual medical check-up and apparently she was the only girl who didn't know anything about periods. She remembers surprised faces and she felt a bit confused. Her mother and older sister didn't think it was necessary for her to know these things yet, because she was still very small and skinny (she was always among the smallest and skinniest in the class). She wanted to use a sanitary pad as her Barbie's pillow once and her mother was so horrified and embarrassed. Her periods started around the age of 12 and she was still surprised because she was not really "developed" like most of the other girls. She remembers her mother's reaction being sad because in her opinion periods are just one of those gruelling things that a woman has to bear during her lifetime. However, she doesn’t have such traumatic experiences with periods. She feels less productive and more tired during those days and sometimes pain can throw her off track. But she really sympathizes with other women and thinks that school environments could do better in terms of managing more appropriate toilets and more open culture among teachers and pupils.