Pink sweets

She must have been in first or maybe second grade, around the age of seven. She was the eldest child in the family with three younger siblings, the youngest being a baby, causing the mother to stay, even stick to the house. So the older children had to do errands from time to time. She was often asked to do the shopping, thus going to the grocery store or the supermarket. Although it could be annoying sometimes, she could go out even if the weather was not so nice (to play outside for example). The family had to be careful with the money because the income was not very high and the family was big, which meant a lot of sharing. So the mother gave her a list and the money enough for it. One day she went shopping again and in the supermarket she was passing by the sweets which always looked so attractive and colorful; and she saw a bag of sweets open and spread on the shelf. Could she take them? Why not? An open bag would not be sold, and the pink color was so seductive. Still, was it ok to take one? Well, it must be, no harm would be done to anyone. Yet, being caught while taking it was not something she wanted to experience. She must have looked around if anyone was near or looking, or maybe even waited until it was out of sight. When she was sure, she took one. Then, she went to the cashier and paid for the other things. How she got out of the supermarket is not a clear memory, but she must have hid it. On the way back home, she ate it, yummy. At the same time, she knew she was doing something wrong and felt so embarrassed. She never told her mother or anyone else but promised herself never to do such a thing again.