They went on vacation only once in her life, in 1980, when she was 6 years old, it was a holiday at the Polish seaside. Trips outside Skawina, an industrial city in which her parents were allocated housing in the '70s, were a way of spending free time. Ever since she remembers, every Saturday, from early spring to late autumn, the whole family would ride bicycles or a train to get to a small village called Radziszów, 7 km from the city. Radziszów is her father's family village, and the plot, inherited by her grandmother (her father's mother) is a permanent place for family trips and vacations. They don't have a car, so the only way to travel is by bike, motorbike or train. At times when she traveled with her mother and two younger siblings by train, getting to the plot turned into fun. From the little railway station to the plot one had to walk along an asphalt road, as there are no pavements. It is not a short walk, it takes at least 30-40 minutes. In summer, her mother let her take off her shoes and go barefoot. How pleasant it is when the asphalt is hot! She and her siblings, one-year younger sister and three-year younger brother, often picked burdock leaves growing along the road. They can serve as hats. Even more fun is to pick the hairy balls of the plant, thanks to which Velcro was invented. 

When she is 6-7 years old, there is nothing else at the plot but the grass. But in the next few years, her father would build a wooden gazebo. One room with a tiny porch. There is only one window with wooden shutters. But what she liked most was a dwarf which was painted by one of her parents' friends on the front wall of the gazebo. The parents planted vegetables with the children’s help. She doesn't like picking Colorado potato beetles. One needs to look at each leaf, tear off the larva and throw it into a small cup with some liquid. There are also breaks during the day for fun and a meal. There are only two toys kept on the plot - badminton and ball on a string. They also had to change clothes on the plot. Most often she wears clothes which mother sew, e.g. trousers and a plaid shirt. Mom sews most of the clothes for them from fabrics that they were lucky to buy, so they can't choose the colour or pattern. Only the cut.