Revolution and childhood

She has a personal obsession with the 1989 Romanian revolution. Her first memory is precisely from the 22nd of December 1989 when she was 2 and a half years old. In it she is sitting in her dad's lap with her grandma next to them in their 9th floor working class flat way outside the city center. They're sitting in the dark and she can see the sky lighting up from time to time because of the shootings outside. At some point (maybe the next night?) from the balcony she sees a silhouette on the block's rooftop and immediately says she saw a terrorist. And there was also a bullet in one of the balcony walls. It might not seem like much for those who have gone through war. But it made her obsessed all throughout her childhood with understanding what had happened during those days.

When she was growing up there were constant works being done to the underground pipes system near her block of flats. It was usually right next or exactly underneath the playground. And usually the works would last all throughout summer and autumn, sometimes they remained in stand-by during winter as well. So a lot of her memories playing outside are about escalating big piles of dirt/crashed concrete, making huts out of huge concrete semi cylinders or sliding down the frozen impromptu hills. It was such an adventure! Parents today would not let their children even look at the places they used to spend all of their time back then.