Seven gods in a rice grain

One Sunday evening. She was in a hurry to eat her dinner before her favourite anime programme started on TV. It was difficult for a little girl to pick up all the rice grains that cling to her rice bowl. A few grains were still left in the bowl, but it couldn't be helped. She had to go. She was leaving the table, saying “Gochisoosamadeshita! [thank you for the meal!]”. Then, her grandpa talked to her: “Oh my dear. You cannot leave your dinner that way. You have to eat up to the last grain. Otherwise, you'll make the gods of rice angry.”

He gently told her that there are seven gods in every grain of rice: soil, water, wind, sun, clouds, insects, and people who worked for bringing rice to the table. “We shouldn't make a single grain wasted that was grown and delivered to us by various beings,” he continued.  As she didn’t want to make the gods upset and cause her trouble, she hastily cleaned up the rest of the rice grains with a spoon and rushed to her favourite anime programme that was about to start.