Sliding down frozen steps

Asia used to live opposite the Sports’ Hall. The Sports’ Hall had really huge stairs. This particular event happened in the winter and the stairs were frozen and really slippery. Asia took a metal sledge and went to the top of the stairs. She felt frightened of going down the stairs on the metal sledge but she really wanted to go down. She had this idea in her mind that she really wanted to do it. She knew that this was really dangerous. She went down and things happened really quickly. She flew off the metal sledge and landed at the bottom of the stairs on the frozen concrete pavement. She felt the hard and heavy contact with the ground. She felt really frightened that she damaged her body and her back. She held her breath and she could not make any sounds. She could feel the contact with the ground but she did not dare to move. She was gently tuning in to her back scanning if it was ok. She was gently breathing to it, scared that if she breathes more deeply it will hurt. Gradually she was breathing more and more deeply but she was really frightened that she did something to it. She did not feel she could scream for help, she was just lying quietly trying to breathe. The ground felt really hard and cold. After a while she gently got up and really gently picked up the sledge. She walked home really slowly, it was not far. She was really scared to go home as she did not want her parents to find out that she went down the frozen stairs and fell off the sledge. If they found out they would be really critical and punish her. She did this without them knowing as she did a lot of things. So she went home really slowly. Her back did not hurt but it felt really sensitive and she was scared not to cause any further damage. She got home and she told her mum she just wanted to lie down. Mum seemed to be ok about it. She went to lie down on her bed and she felt really sensitive and vulnerable. She knew she should not have gone down the stairs in the sledge, she was feeling really critical of herself but also very scared that she damaged her back. She was worried if she needed to tell her parents. After a while although the back felt sensitive it did not feel any worse and she got up. She felt relieved she did not have to tell her parents about it.