It’s Sunday afternoon. The TV stopped working. It happened every now and then, no one knew why, some lamps and wires had to be replaced all the time. It felt cruel and punishing. The action movies were on only that one time of the week, channel one (of the two), on Sunday afternoons. She would remember that during the week and rejoice at the thought of the fun that was coming; the movie and then the ten minute long cartoon. She felt good when she watched movies about the jungle, animals, trees and birds. She was too young to be able to read, could not understand a word of English, watching Tarzan fly between trees screaming without anyone shutting him up, that was happiness. That morning she woke up with a swollen cheek, one of her rotten baby teeth got infected. And then the TV broke down. It was a disaster. Mom was upset, dad was swearing with disappointment. They went out of the flat and came back after a few minutes, laughing. The neighbor from downstairs invited everyone to his place, his black and white TV was miraculously working again. Children stormed the staircase, got into the neighbor's room without knocking, so did the kids next door. All the parents came in last. Everyone, twelve people or so, small or big, found a seat in the one room apartment, no one was badgering the others, no one was hassling their mothers. The movie started. It was as good as everyone wanted it to be. She was sitting on an old sofa that smelled like old cigarette smoke and strudels thinking how some day, when she grows up, she was going to take the family dog and get lost in the wilderness. Just her and the dog. They would meet some large animals there and make friends. The movie made her feel strong and powerful, she jumped up to repeat some of the movie heroes’ movements and screams. The adults were happy, they cheered. Kids were happy, so no one teased her for being the small one, the silly one or for having the torn and patchy pants. No one reminded her that she was a girl. She felt elated, didn’t feel the toothache anymore, she even took a caramel when the neighbor offered.