The playground.

She was around 9 years old. She lived in a huge L shaped 10 story high block of flats that surrounded the two sides of a playground. 

It was a very important place in her life and in the lives of many other youngsters living in the area. The playground was where some hundred or more kids played, made and broke friendships and generally hung out together. It was surely the center of her social life.

The actual playground consisted of a football field, 5 iron swings, a seesaw and a small merry-go-round. There was plenty of space around the playground. It was usually covered in spontaneous vegetation, dirt and rubbish. There were also a few willow trees here and there. Around this no-man's-public-land stood parking spots for the neighbours followed by a small street with scarce traffic.

It was sometime around 1995-96 and late afternoon. Probably summertime because there were plenty of school-aged kids and teens around. 

She was hanging out in the playground with a few friends. A young neighbour that she didn't know had a tape recorder playing in the parking lot. It might have been a boom box or a car cassette player. There was a small group of youngsters listening to the music there. 

At one point the song Be My Lover by La Bouche came on. She loved that song!!! She immediately went to the parking lot. Her friends came along. They all started moving to the music, doing moves from MTV clips. She especially liked that move in which one opens the knees and slowly lowers the torso with a sideways movement. She distinctly remembers her doing the move and feeling so cool about it until she realized that the group of teenagers was making fun of her and her friends' dancing. She all of a sudden didn't feel cool anymore but stupid and very much ashamed. She stopped dancing and refrained from dancing in public for 10 or more years.