The tennis player

When she was almost a teenager, she fell in love with a number one tennis player, a Swede Stefan Edberg. Everything Swedish suddenly became beautiful and top value and important. Her clothes became blue and yellow, she got a Swedish pen friend and she even went to the local library to borrow Teach-yourself-Swedish at that time and started learning. Perhaps one day she will meet Stefan in person and then she can surprise him with her perfect Swedish. When Wimbledon championship started, she had spent two weeks glued to the TV in her grandmother's house, since she had, unlike them, a colour TV and Stefan Edberg was much more handsome in his white shirt, shite shorts and blonde hair in colour than in black-and-white. She wished enormously to be able to have his image nearby constantly, perhaps as a poster in her room, or a photo on her table. But since he was not a music star or an actor, regular magazines did not print it and when his photo was in the paper, it was only fuzzy and black and white. So, she came up with a revolutionary idea. To turn her brother into Stefan Edberg. He had a face pretty enough, also his hair was the right colour, he only needed a suitable haircut and the transformation would be complete. She had persuaded him to be an object of her desire, wearing white shirts and shorts. The last thing to change was his hair.  She was confident she is able to attain the correct hair style with her art scissors. She had seen her mother cut people's hair several times, she believed it was absolutely easy. She began with no hesitation. Soon thereafter, it became clear to all involved, that Stefan Edberg’s straight fashionable haircut is not really coming out of Ben´s curly soft childish hair. Determined not to give up her dream so easily, she continued cutting, until there was a bird´s nest on her brother's head, much resembling Boris Becker´s hair style, Stefan´s chief enemy on court! Disaster! Brother was crying, she felt astonished that it did not turn out as she desired. She was disappointed, angry, while also feeling little sorry for her Boris Becker brother. She persuaded him to put on a hat and go to bed that evening, pretending to be ill, bribing him with five lollipops out of her sweets collection. She never dared to propose a haircut to him again.