It’s summer. School is over. The boy is around 10 and he has to do something during summer. And the family had a great idea. The boy should go to the Catholic summer camp. We don’t know the exact place. It was in the countryside for sure. The name included Mária too. But we don’t know more about the place and we don’t know more about the others who were there. The boy doesn’t remember any other kid or adult. It seems he was there alone. But it’s impossible. As far as the boy can remember they had only two activities in the Catholic summer camp. They had some kind of theatre rehearsals in an old building which was in really bad condition. It must have been a school earlier. The walls were dirty and yellow outside and inside too. There was neon lightning. And they sing and sing the same song during the whole day: Legyetek jók ha tudtok. It means: you should be good if you can. It was the main song in an Italian film from 1984. But it is not so easy to be good. Especially for boys during summer holidays. And it makes it even harder if the boys are going to swim together with girls. And there was a girl. The girl. She was blond, beautiful, her name was Timi, she looked older and had the biggest breasts in the camp. The swimming pool was magical. In the middle of nowhere in a forest. It was concrete, painted blue and it was around one meter deep only. And the boy looked calm. He was shy but very excited to see something that he had never seen before. It was a place where anything could happen. He was standing in the pool for hours in his small speedo with Timi who wore a small bikini. But they kept the distance. He didn’t know what to do. But it was good for him this way. They were far away from each other, but it was not a problem. But maybe it is also possible that the girl didn’t even notice the boy or anything else.