Unwanted kiss

It happened in preschool. She didn't spend much time in preschool. Apparently, she disliked it and was getting sick all the time, so she ended up attending it basically for only one year, right before the school. She only has a handful of memories from preschool, but one of them is very vivid. She was going to a preschool in a small village. One day an official from a nearby town visited, a stern-looking middle-aged man. It must have been some kind of a formal visit as the children needed to dress up for it and were supposed to give some gifts to that guest. Some of the kids, herself included, were standing in line, each holding a little decorative pillow with a gift on top of it. They approached the man one by one and he took the gift and kissed each of them. She was standing and waiting, completely terrified of the prospect of being kissed by a strange man. She can't recall the moment of approaching that guy, but she does remember the discomfort and anxiety she felt.