Watercolor set

She is in the backyard, the weather is cloudy and a bit chilly (it is probably autumn). She is so occupied by her new project. This is an after school activity and she feels free and creative, no obligations or evaluation attached to it. She wants to create her own watercolor palette using naturally colored clay that she can find near the house. She already has a used watercolor case, it is white with a transparent cover. There is dark red and ochre clay in one part of the backyard which probably has triggered the idea of making a “new” watercolor set.  She sees a dandelion in the grass nearby and realizes that the flower could be useful for the project. Dandelion petals would be perfect as bristles, at least that is what she thinks. She finds a suitable wooden stick which can be used as the handle for the brush. She uses white duct tape to attach petals to the stick. She feels so enthusiastic and concentrated, does not care about anything else except how to bring this project into life. She enjoys the process of transferring the idea into something tangible, when she does that she feels like herself. She presses the brush onto one of the “colors”, a muddy patch which is supposed to represent a black color and realizes that it is too soft and not usable. She is so focused and dedicated to this project, that she does not care about the time or being alone. At one point, she licks the mud as well, she is curious how it tastes like.