“Well, just you wait” is better

There are so many memories that I don’t know where to begin. So maybe I will begin with the earliest memories that I can remember! I was born in Vietnam in 1986 – the period when the whole North of Vietnam was still very poor. My parents told me that I should have been starved and die if there were not the baby milk sent from the Soviet Union. When I was a little bit older, the first cartoon that I have watched was “Well, just you wait”. All those somehow created a certain sense of relatedness and connectedness (between me and Russia)… so much that I always believe that “Well, just you wait” is better than “Tom & Jerry”, eventhough I have never met any Russians during the first 30 years of my life, and eventhough when I grown up, I realized various limitations of socialism (in my own countries and possibly other post-socialist countries). Memories are fragments that build up my identity. Although identity is not a single and fixed things, fragments from our life history will still exist, this way or another, no matter what.

Tram Ninh

10/2021 – Tampere