‘White sports’

She remembers one scene clearly from their physical education class locker room. At the age of 10-14 (grades 5-8), she attended a school which specialized in physical education. That meant they all had one physical education class every day (5 times a week) and they all had to choose or had been chosen for a particular sport that they should have been practicing as registered athletes in a sport club after school time. She was tall so she was chosen to play basketball for the Central Sport-school. However, others had to choose on their own and obviously, they had 30 girls in the class with different backgrounds and family histories. So they had gymnasts, table tennis players, athletes, etc. She remembers how many times her physical education teacher made negative comments about those girls who played tennis or were skiers! The teacher always said to them: “Oh, those 'white sports.'” The teacher made comments about soccer and basketball being the sports that everyone can play, but these 'white sports' were fancy and not-wanted. Back then she was just laughing at it and felt for the poor girls who were actually very good at skiing for example! Funny how she sees this behavior of the teacher now as part of the 'socialist thinking.' Back then they just laughed at her: “Haha here she goes again picking on Monika and Kati....”  There was no 'ideological meaning' for them in that at all.