A daily journey

It is around 12 o’clock. The bell rings. School is finished for today.

A group of around ten children is leaving the school yard with its big green trees. They are all around 6-7 years old and wear blue and white uniforms. They will soon find out uniforms are no longer compulsory and they can wear normal clothes to school. A new challenge will come then…

There are a lot of discussions in their noisy group, they are switching their positions as if they are in a fast dance, talking to one friend now, to another later. The children enjoy walking along this small muddy street with old houses on the left and the right sides. There are wood fences, exterior fountains, many trees, and bird songs. There are no cars in this street. 

At some point, the group stops and children start to play with a big, white and fluffy dog. They named it “Dumpling” (galusca in Romanian). Dumpling is barking and running all over the yard. None of the children have a dog at their place. They are all living in new flats. 

The discussions are slowing down, the children are crossing now the big asphalt street where one can see the high concrete buildings, alternating four and ten floors. Parking lots with cars can be seen in front of these buildings. One by one, children are saying goodbye to their friends and enter their buildings. At the corner of the street, this girl is sharing the last secrets with her friend before going into her building. 3rd floor. She opens the door with her keys, she is home. She will wait for her parents to come back from work.