Carol Park

Just another day in the park.
It’s the beginning of autumn
But school hasn’t yet started.
She is with Bitu. 
Bitu is her grandpa and Bita her grandma.

She and Bitu are casually walking in the park.
- Take care with the ball, he says.
- I will, I will, she replies,
Thinking that Bita doesn’t nag her
With observations all the time.
- Look around
There’s no one here,
Nothing can happen, she reassures Bitu.
The park was indeed deserted as autumn creeped in.
 She had received the ball not so long ago 
From the family in Bulgaria.
Bita’s family.
As she played with the ball
Kicking it from one place to another,
She thought of the dress she had received 
Together with the ball.
A traditional Bulgarian woven dress
Red and green and white with a pattern in x-es.
She had only got to wear it once, during summer.
With Bita. 
She felt cute and important in it…
But that didn’t alleviate the itching
Of the wool on her naked skin. 
She recalls this day 
when she got to wear
The special dress.
It was in Carol Park, 
which also 
which still
goes by the name of Liberty Park.
She kicks the ball quite hard and 
Out of nowhere
A dog fetches it. 
Bitu and her run around
Chasing the dog, 
Still hoping. 
Hoping till the last moment
But, of course.
The ball is gone.
Deflated. Forever.
The dog owner deeply apologizes 
He offers to get her a new one
There is nothing
That can replace
The old.
Such a rainbow
Ball was virtually impossible to find.
- I told you to be careful, scorns Bitu. 
The girl is sorry for the ball.
It really had a short life, not enough time to enjoy it.
But, more.
She feels inescapably embarrassed.
For not taking good enough care 
Of this special gift coming from Bulgaria.
She hates to disappoint them.