Elephant Eduard

It’s 1990. Szekszárd, a small town in Hungary. The boy is three years old. He is travelling in a car. He is sitting in the back of the car alone. His father is driving and his grandma is sitting next to the father. It is winter. It is January. It should be very cold. Everything is grey. Nothing special. It’s just like an ordinary drive to a shop. But they are going to the hospital. Just before the hospital, the boy gets a present in the car. A Lego. A Lego Fabuland with Elephant Eduard. It’s great. It’s a great present. He loves it. He wanted this for a long time. It was a moment when a dream came true. But the boy didn’t know the reason for getting a present. Why should he get such a big present in the middle of the way to the hospital? Then somebody was talking. The father talked or the grandmother? We don’t know. “You will have a little brother.” And the boy was wondering. “How can it be?” Did he recognize anything from this earlier? We don’t know it because this is the very first memory of the boy. He was a little bit confused because of the present. To have a little brother is ok but why to get a Lego because of this? It was strange but he loves Legos so much. It is his favourite. And it is also strange that the boy doesn’t remember anything else from this day. He doesn’t remember his new little brother. He doesn’t remember his mother. He doesn’t remember his father. He doesn’t remember his grandmother. He doesn’t remember the hospital. Nothing, just the moment in the car when he got Elephant Eduard.