What happened to Lenin in Razliw?

He had come to primary school, which looked like kindergarten in every aspect. The building itself was a former kindergarten. Each classroom had its own entrance. There was a playground in the classroom and a small table with the model of Lenin’s hut in a place called Razliw. It was somehow a special place with an aura of a small shrine. The boy and his friends liked to play their games on the playground near the model. One of the games was to form a circle with a few kids and run then run in a circle. If one loses his hand, the kids running in the circle would fall down. This time he did it and someone smashed the table with the model and the table collapsed. Children rushed up to the table and picked up its broken leg. Model itself was not damaged. They put the leg into its place and pretended as if nothing happened. They didn’t tell anybody about this accident and never talked about it among themselves. The boy feared that someone who saw it would report it to his teacher. He remembers the feelings of excitement from the game, to anxiety over the accident, and then to indifference. He doesn’t remember other kids.