Her military boots

She was in the hall near the shoe closet holding small, black military boots in her hands, checking all sides with excitement. She can't remember how she got them but she really liked them. The boots had two belts in the upper part with two shiny buckles attached to each belt. It was winter, so she started wearing them. She knew the boots were a bit boyish but they seemed so new and warm and fashionable. She expected some comments. First couple of days no one was paying attention to them in the class but then one day a classmate (boy) who was sitting in front of her turned over and noticed her shoes. The boy started pointing his finger at her boots and making fun of her, saying how those boots are not for girls but boys and laughed. Some classmates also found it weird because it was strange for a girl to wear such "masculine" shoes but she did not say anything and decided to ignore nasty comments. She felt a bit uncomfortable being called out in front of her classmates but somehow the attractiveness of those boots and desire to wear them were stronger than the criticism. She continued wearing the boots because she really fancied them, not because she didn't have other shoes.