Hungarian bed

He shared a bedroom with his younger brother in their flat. The window of the bedroom was looking at the house of his uncle. He was also using the bedroom as a study room to do his homework. Most of all in the bedroom, however, he liked the bed with white-blue furry blankets. The soft, furry blanket was warm in the cold weather. As to the bed, he often hid under the bed, where he once unintendedly read the label on it, “Made in Hungary”. He still remembers that the bed was made in Hungary and the blanket in Japan. It was probably the first time he encountered a strange word, which caught his attention very much and made him so curious about what it meant. And one day he asked his parents what is Hungary. One of them said “Venqriya”. After a while, he asked the other parent what is Vengria. The answer was Majarstan. The bed was the dowry of his mom, so he trusted his mom that Hungary is Vengria. But still, his dad was better-educated, so he suspected maybe Majarstan is the right word. It took quite some time for him to realize that Hungary, Vengria and Majarstan all were the names of the same country in different languages – English, Russian, and Azerbaijani. That is how the bedroom helped him understand that there are different words for different people to call the same thing. And different words to call the same thing meant different languages to him.