Uneventful event

There were some physical exercises in his school during his 2-4 grades, which he remembers well, but completely forgot their meaning. Once a year, all pupils of the primary school gather together in the school’s gym. They were divided into two groups in accordance to their classes. Each group had its own group leader, it could be both male or female pupils. All pupils were dressed in uniform, they all had their badges of young pupil organizations. The gym was a huge room, but it was always full of pupils on that day. He felt it was overcrowded. He didn’t like it and felt embarrassed because of the course of events. Each group had to exercise some moves after the commands of their group leader: Turn left! Turn right! March! He felt as if everyone was looking at him and judging if he could have turned right. He never grasped the meaning of the event. What was its purpose? Maybe he knew it sometime, but with time this knowledge vanished. The only way not to take part was to become a group leader and, at least it seemed better, just to give orders but not to march or turn. Suddenly these yearly gatherings finished in the early 1990s with the end of the Soviet Union and no one has remembered them.