Sneaking out

The girl often spends time together with her friend who lives in the same apartment block. They sleep at each other’s place. They are 14. They spend the nights keeping each other awake by reading the youth magazine, watching TV or just chatting. Some days, when they sleep at the friend’s apartment, they sneak out after the parents go to bed. They slowly open the main door without a sound and swiftly disappear in the night. They come home in the morning before the parents get up. Often they miss the night sleep fully and pretend the whole day to be fresh, answering requests without delay so to make their tiredness invisible. This night they have a plan to go out to the garden city and pick flowers for mother’s day. At the garden city the girl feels her heart is pumping in her ears, she tiptoes into a garden, looks around for flowers, quietly picks them and quietly walks out. Then they run to the next street. They go into a garden again. After having picked a whole bunch, they arrive home at around 6am in the morning. The girl gives the huge bunch of flowers to the mother. The mother’s face lights up. They kiss each other on both cheeks. The mother takes the flowers and places them in a vase on the dining table. While gazing at the flowers the girl feel tiredness coming over her and wonders: did she figure it out? She never knows, her secret seems to be a secret still.