The jacket

She had to wear the dark grey jacket again. The same she wore three years ago, and now it was the time to wear her sister’s jacket. They often got the same clothes and when they were new, she, the younger one, would be proud to wear the same things as her big sister. But this jacket she really did not like. She already told this to her mother, but it was the jacket they had, and since she was playing outdoors with the jacket anyway the dark grey would make it not look dirty all the time. Now, she and her family were on their way to the holiday destination to meet the rest of the family. This year they drove separately, and the family took the road along Bratislava and slept there in a small hotel. They were now packing up their things. Her jacket was still in the closet. Her mum asked her to look everywhere in the room so that she would not forget anything. That she did and she found the jacket. But in a very short moment, she decided that she would pretend that she did not see it. If her mother would check the room again, she would find the jacket and would be a bit angry about her sloppiness. She tended to always forget something somewhere (most often the sports bags for school). So this would not be unusual. But if her mother would not find it, she would need a new jacket. She shortly hesitated but then left the hotel room and got into the car. Her heart was bumping. If somebody would catch her and find out what she was up to? But they just drove on. She knew it was not right what she had done, but she really did not want to wear the jacket the whole next two seasons. When they searched for the jacket in the afternoon, she pretended that she did not know where it was. Her parents got a bit angry, but they decided that the jacket was not worth it to drive all the way back. In the holiday it will be warm anyway, and afterward, they could take care of it.