The boy and the body

The boy was four. His grandma picked him up from kindergarten. They went to a playground which was really close to grandma’s flat. The playground was empty, although it was situated between huge blocks of flats. There was a ‘jungle gym’ made of differently sized wooden trunks. The boy climbed and started to walk on the huge trunks. A little bit later he was brave enough to start jumping from trunk to trunk. The grandma was holding his hand because he was so high, he was higher than his grandma. And the boy started to sing loudly: Pussy is bun, penis is croissant! Pussy is bun, penis is croissant! And the grandma got mad, stopped the boy, looked around, then looked up to the boy and said: don’t say that. Be quiet! You can’t talk like this. Never. And the boy felt a strange shame inside his body. He was confused. Why not speak about those parts of the body? He felt he just figured out the truth about the shapes and differences of genitals with the help of bakery products. That happiness was the reason why he was screaming it out so loud but he got humiliated. He became quiet and grandma got sad. She looked disappointed. The boy continued jumping on the trunks and the grandma was still holding his hand but something changed in the boy’s body.