Under the table in her own world

She remembers as a little girl taking her mother’s silver clutch bag and polished high heel shoes that she kept in the bottom drawer of the closet and play with the papers left after the bankruptcy of the little sewing shop left after her dad. While her mother was at work, she was playing in the hallway with the papers, imagining to be either a secretary or a teacher. Or she took the pieces of fabric and threads. There were lots of them in many colors under the sofa and she was allowed to play with them.

Her favorite place to play was in the long hallway around or under a  middle size table. The table was covered with a mostly yellow-red tablecloth with fringes. It had Slavic ornaments and floral prints. It was silky to touch. She remembers the smooth feeling as she glided her fingers following the threads. She loved to play under that table, especially with the fringes of the tablecloth. She remembers that she learned how to braid and kept practicing until she ruined the fringes. It was lots of fun and never boring staying under the table. She remembers the inner layout of the table, the nuts and the screws. She used to open and fasten them. And she remembers talking to her imaginary friend under the table. As a child, she was alone a lot, as she was the youngest child in the family and the only girl, so she missed having friends. So her "friend" was a great company, she never felt alone. The friend did not seem to have a gender, emerged from the sentences "Now we...". She remembers daydreaming a lot under the table and sharing everything with the “Bogus” of hers.