Underground shop

The girl was told that she could go with her mother to pick up something to eat for the whole family. It was 1981 or 1982 and there was nothing available at the stores to buy when you usually entered them. There was a system of food distribution as well. She was 6 or 7 years old and she remembered that particular day very well. Her mother was a nurse, while her father was a musician. He played the saxophone and the clarinet. But since she was born in 1974 he could not perform at the usual music band as he could not earn enough money. But he still played music in their 3-room apartment, located on the third floor of the apartment block they live in. But he was officially a policeman and he was employed as a musician in a police band. And the policemen had special privileges at that time, which the girl was not aware of at all. 

Usually there was nothing to buy in the stores. Her mother asked the girl to dress up and go with her. They walked a long way to the city centre of an industrial city they lived in. The walk lasted about 30 minutes and finally they got in front of the yellow building. The building was situated at the corner of the main street, opposite the main square. There were two or three stairs before the entrance. The door was dark and closed. Her mother rang the bell to enter. Then the policeman came and opened the door. He was wearing a light blue uniform and did not look friendly. In fact, the girl felt afraid and uneasy. Her mom talked to him for a while and they were both allowed to enter. The girl was puzzled as it was the main police headquarters in the city. There was a concierge desk on the right and another policeman could be seen there. She and her mother walked through another door, through indoor security door bars and downstairs into the basement. It made her feel even more uncomfortable. She was not sure why she had come there, because she knew her father was a musician and she did not realize he might be a policeman at the same time. She associated her father only with being a musician. She stood at the stairs of the police department and finally entered the basement. She felt so surprised and could not believe her eyes. There was a real white counter there and it looked like there was a little hidden shop, right at the police station! An underground shop! There were also two middle-aged ladies behind the counter. She could see some products that were completely different from what she saw in the real shops she entered before. Her mom talked to the ladies and then she was given some sausages and some meat. The meat was packed and wrapped using paper. Her mom took everything and put it into the bag. For the girl, it was the first and last visit to shop at the police department.