Book review

Childhood and Schooling in (Post)Socialist Societies: Memories of Everyday Life ed. by Iveta Silova, Nelli Piattoeva, and Zsuzsa Millei (review) Julie deGraffenried DOI: Were schoolchildren in socialist lands icons of the future or victims of the state? Models of modernity or manipulated conformists? Empowered or oppressed? The answer is yes .  .  . and no. Childhood and Schooling in (Post) Socialist Societies: Memories of Everyday Life is a unique, interdisciplinary collection of essays aimed at complicating a number of…

Book review

Simona Szakács has just published a review of our book Childhood and Schooling in (Post)Socialist Societies: Memories of Everyday life in European Education journal. Please read open access review here.

Invitation to participate in memory workshop for Re-Connect / Re-Collect

Invitation to participate in Re-Connect / Re-Collect: Crossing the Divides through Memories of Cold War Childhoods* funded by KONE Foundation, Finland** Project team (link) *Twitter: @CrossDivides Facebook: @memoriesofsocialistchildhood "Crossing Divides" by glenasena is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Did you grow up during the Cold War, on either side of the divides, or have you experienced (post)socialist society during childhood? Would you be willing to share your childhood memories? If so, we would like to invite you to participate in…

Low Carbon Statement

"Reduce carbon emission" by vishwaant avk is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Academic practices are carbon producing activities that contribute greatly to climate change, especially if travel is considered. But conscious efforts to reduce carbon emission in research projects are still rare. Climate change has serious consequences for all of us, but most often affects poorer communities in postcolonial and postsocialist spaces. Researching in and about these spaces in our project, Re-Connect / Re-Collect: Crossing the Divides through Memories of…

New Project Funding!

New Project Funding from KONE Foundation Re-Collect / Re-Connect: Crossing the Divides through Memories of Cold War Childhoods Project Leader: Associate professor Zsuzsa Millei, University of Tampere Academic collaborators: Professor Silova Iveta, Associate Professor Piattoeva Nelli, Professor Hörschelmann Kathrin, Professor Dussel Inés, Professor Tlostanova Madina, Professor Burman Erica, Associate Professor Gannon Susanne Lenin Museum, Tampere: Jaskari, Ulla; Heinimaa, Mia; Rohunen, Ulla Dollardaddy Theatre Group, Hungary: Ördög Tamás, Biro Bence, Kiss-Végh Emőke Continue reading →

Decolonial workshop on (post)socialist childhood memories

On August 23rd-25th 2018, we organized a workshop in Tampere to further extend – theoretically, methodologically, conceptually, analytically, and geographically – our project on DE-COLONIAL AND DE-COLD WAR DIALOGUES ON CHILDHOOD AND SCHOOLING. We had the pleasure of hosting Professors Erica Burman (The University of Manchester, UK), Madina Tlostanova, (Linköping University, Sweden) and Kathrin Hörschelmann (Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde, Leipzig, Germany) for three days in Tampere, Finland. Continue reading →