‘Her New Friend’

by Zsuzsa Millei

A girl, Patricia, joined us in the kindergarten group in a regional town in Hungary. We have never had a child visiting before. Now we had someone from Chile. I remember being full of questions but don’t remember how and when I received answers.

Photo. Zsuzsa, Patricia, and Eva at the bath
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Our book has just been published!

Check it out here!

“The authors of this beautiful book are professional academics and intellectuals who grew up in different socialist countries. Exploring “socialist childhoods” in a myriad ways they draw on memoirs and memories, personal experience and collectively history, emotional knowledge of an insider and a measured perspective of an analyst. What emerges is life that was caught between real optimism and dullness, ethical commitments and ideological absurdities, selfless devotion to children and their treatment as a political resource. Such attention to detail and paradox makes this collective effort not only timely but also remarkably genuine.” (Alexei Yurchak, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Meet us at AERA in NYC (April 13-17, 2018)

We will be presenting at the American Education Research Association (AERA) meeting in NYC on April 13-17, 2018. Please come and meet book editors, several contributors to the book, as well as other colleagues involved in this project! We will share the date, time, and place of our panel as soon as the conference schedule is confirmed.

Towards Decolonizing Childhood: Researching Memories of Everyday Life in (Post)Socialist, American Education Research Association (AERA), New York, NY, April 13-17, 2018

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